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Elizabeth Warren

Supports 16 of 17 reforms
Democratic candidate for President

As a candidate for President, I pledge to…

Your conduct on the campaign trail shows voters where your commitments are for transparency, accountability and ethics…

Reject SuperPACs Publicly disavow and reject support from Super PACs and other independent expenditure groups that let special interests funnel millions of dollars into our elections.


Release Tax Returns Release the past decade’s worth of your personal and business tax returns to the public, so voters can be aware of any financial entanglements and potential conflicts of interest.


Resolve Conflicts of Interest Pledge to identify and resolve any conflicts of interest for yourself, top campaign officials, and Cabinet appointees by undergoing ethics vetting by an independent third-party during a presidential transition.


Highlight Democracy Issues Highlight democracy issues -- voting rights, ending gerrymandering, and curbing big money in politics -- in your platform, campaign materials, website and stump speeches, drawing connections between democracy and other issues you discuss.


Rely On Small Donors, Not Big Money Pledge to fund your campaign primarily with small-dollar donations of $200 or less, so that you are accountable to ordinary supporters, not wealthy special interests, and refuse to grant special access to high-dollar donors and bundlers.


Disclose Who Funds Your Campaign Publicly disclose the identities of bundlers (supporters who solicit high-dollar donations on a candidate’s behalf) and the amounts they raised, so access to your campaign cannot be bought in secret -- and support legislation to make such disclosure mandatory.


If elected President, I will endorse, prioritize and work aggressively to...

Leading our country means leading the way forward for a strong, accessible, and representative democracy for every American…

Enact The For the People Act Enact the full slate of common sense reforms in the For the People Act, including Automatic Voter Registration, citizen-funded elections, and impartial redistricting commissions, and support restoring the Voting Rights Act’s full protections.


Fix The Senate Filibuster End the legislative filibuster, enacting Senate rules changes to ensure that a minority of Senators can’t shut down all action on legislation and judicial nominees.


Restore Voting For Currently & Formerly Incarcerated Citizens Ensure full voting rights for every American citizen, including those who are currently incarcerated, on parole, or have prior felony convictions.

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Win Equal Representation For D.C. Grant full rights of statehood, including voting Congressional representation and self-determination for the District of Columbia.


– –
Fix The Broken Electoral College Pass the National Popular Vote interstate compact to fix the broken Electoral College and ensure voters in all 50 states have a say in presidential elections.


By the end of my first year in office, I pledge to…

The next President will have the power to take concrete action that will repair and strengthen our democratic institutions…

Appoint An Attorney General Who Will Protect Voters Appoint an Attorney General who will protect voters by adding vote-suppressing jurisdictions into the Voting Rights Act’s preclearance process -- and will enforce campaign finance and ethics laws that protect our democracy.


Restore Net Neutrality & Stop Media Mergers Appoint a Federal Communications Commission chair who will restore the 2015 Net Neutrality rules, block monopolistic mergers by media and telecom corporations, and protect the Lifeline program that helps low-income Americans afford broadband Internet.


– –
Staff Agencies To Protect Democracy Fully and capably staff executive agencies that protect our democracy, including a Federal Election Commission that will enforce campaign finance laws, a Securities and Exchange Commission that will shine a light on corporate political influence, and an Election Assistance Commission that will help voters in all 50 states exercise their rights.


Appoint A "Democracy Czar" Appoint a “democracy czar” in your administration who is tasked with restoring public confidence in our democracy and its ability to represent us.


Require Federal Contractor Disclosure Issue an executive order requiring corporations that do business with the federal government to disclose their political spending, protecting our right to know who is using taxpayer dollars to influence our elections.


Close The "Revolving Door" Close the “revolving door” in Washington by restricting for-profit corporate lobbyists from working in the White House, banning “golden parachute” payouts for appointees from the private sector, and fully complying with all Office of Government Ethics guidelines.


Additional Comments

Common Cause members and the public are interested to know where you stand on additional democracy ideas that some candidates have proposed, like reforming the Supreme Court, lowering the voting age, or expanding voting rights to non-citizens. What do you think about these reforms? And are there any other ways you want to make our democracy more representative, reflective, accessible, or accountable?


Elections are the foundation of our democracy, but in the United States, our government treats voting like it's one of the least important things we do. We have around 8,000 election jurisdictions all doing their own thing. They are overstretched, under-resourced, and their technology is often laughably out of date.

Voting should be easy. But instead, many states make it hard for people to vote. We have all heard stories about polling places running out of ballots, computer problems causing delays, ballot designs confusing voters, and extremely long lines preventing working people from voting. And on top of these administrative issues, racist and partisan officials often deliberately seek to stop citizens from exercising the right to vote. States have purged names from the voter rolls, limited same-day registration, closed polling places in communities of color, used voter ID laws to try to disenfranchise Native Americans, and even placed restrictions and criminal penalties on efforts to register new voters.

We need to make high-quality voting in the greatest democracy in the world easy, convenient, and professional. It's time to secure our elections from all threats, foreign and domestic. It's time to address election security, administration problems, and voter suppression.

We also have a real problem with a Supreme Court that has become increasingly political. The issue isn't just about expansion, it's about depoliticizing the Court. And that's a conversation worth having. For starters, let's make the Supreme Court follow basic rules of ethics, which they don't do on conflicts of interest. My anti-corruption bill would require the Court to follow the Code of Conduct that binds all federal judges.

I would also ban the use of citizenship questions in government surveys and make several long-overdue reforms to prevent the undercounting of the vulnerable, including by counting incarcerated people as residing in their last place of residence, rather than their place of incarceration, and reforming the process for imputing numbers in low-income communities and communities of color. And I will fully fund the Census for another decade and reverse the damage done to hard-to-reach communities by harmful cuts to the Census Bureau.

The foundation of our democracy is under attack every day. Corruption has snaked into every corner of our democracy -- lobbyists, billionaires, and powerful interests stop at nothing to prop up the rich and kick dirt on everyone else. We need to rid our government of corruption so we can make big, structural change in how our government works. That's how we'll take back our democracy from the billionaires and giant corporations who've been running the show.

That's why I introduced the biggest anti-corruption bill since Watergate. It's also why I'm not taking a dime from shady special interests, Washington lobbyists, or PACs of any kind. My campaign is run on the principle of equal access for anybody who invests in this movement. That means no swanky dinners and no fancy cocktail receptions just for the people who write big checks. No setting aside time to thank only the biggest donors. It means I'll be spending my time with grassroots donors and volunteers. I'll keep fighting for people in every corner of this country - but I can't do it alone. Together, we can keep building something incredible.

You can read more about my plan to strengthen our democracy here:

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