Georgia - Our Democracy 2020
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Georgia Questionnaire

If elected, I promise to endorse, prioritize, and support:

Creating vote centers to make it easier for every eligible voter in Georgia to safely cast their ballots on Election Day.

Ensuring eligible voters in Georgia can safely and easily cast their ballots by expanding early voting, sending eligible voters absentee ballot requests unsolicited, and increasing the number of absentee ballot dropboxes.

Safeguarding elections by using paper ballots and risk-limiting post-election audits.

Restoring the voting rights immediately upon release of those incarcerated for felonies that do not fit the standard of moral turpitude – and formally defining that standard in law.

Creating a transparent redistricting process that gives the opportunity for public comment and requires legislators to explain why they drew or changed district lines.

Support an independent redistricting commission so that redistricting is taken away from politicians who might be tempted to draw lines in a partisan manner.

Ensuring that redistricting is done in a fair, non-partisan manner so that voters choose their legislators instead of the other way around.

Ending prison gerrymandering by requiring incarcerated individuals are counted as residents of their home community instead of their place of incarceration.

Opposing any legislation that calls for a dangerous, untested, and chaotic Article V convention.

Using state funds to expand internet services into rural Georgia.