U.S. President - Our Democracy 2020
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Your conduct on the campaign trail shows voters where your commitments are for transparency, accountability and ethics…

As a candidate for President, I pledge to…

Reject SuperPACs

Release Tax Returns

Resolve Conflicts of Interest

Highlight Democracy Issues

Rely On Small Donors, Not Big Money

Disclose Who Funds Your Campaign

Leading our country means leading the way forward for a strong, accessible, and representative democracy for every American…

If elected President, I will endorse, prioritize and work aggressively to...

Enact The For the People Act

Fix The Senate Filibuster

Restore Voting For Currently & Formerly Incarcerated Citizens

Win Equal Representation For D.C.

Fix The Broken Electoral College

The next President will have the power to take concrete action that will repair and strengthen our democratic institutions…

By the end of my first year in office, I pledge to…

Appoint An Attorney General Who Will Protect Voters

Restore Net Neutrality & Stop Media Mergers

Staff Agencies To Protect Democracy

Appoint A "Democracy Czar"

Require Federal Contractor Disclosure

Close The "Revolving Door"