Presidential Candidate Survey - Our Democracy 2020
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Meet Your Candidates

We're asking every presidential candidate -- what will YOU do to protect democracy?

Responses so far:

We’ve received responses from multiple candidates — read them here, then urge the remaining candidates to go on the record!

  • Survey sent on 6/13/19
  • 10 of 32 candidates have responded
The Candidates
Photo Name Responded? Supported Reforms Take Action
Bernie Sanders (D) 15 / 17 reformsSupports 15 / 17 reforms View Responses >
Donald Trump (R) No ResponseNo Response Contact >
Joe Biden (D) No ResponseNo Response Contact >
Photo Name Responded? Supported Reforms Take Action

About Our Democracy 2020

They’re running to lead our country -- so we deserve to know whether they’ll fight for a democracy that works for everyone. Our survey asks candidates for President whether they’ll support proven solutions to put We The People in charge.

The Questions

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Get Involved

  • Take action in your community to hold candidates accountable.

About the Project

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