Our Democracy 2020
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Where Do Your Candidates Stand On Democracy?

We asked the 2020 candidates in your state and congressional district to go on the record about common sense democracy solutions.

*We need your address only to match you with the candidates who ran to represent you -- it won't be used for any other purpose.

About Our Democracy 2020

They’re running to represent you and me -- so we deserve to know whether they’ll fight for a democracy that works for everyone. Our survey asks candidates for office whether they’ll support proven solutions to put We The People in charge.


Our Solutions

  • Find out more about how we can improve democracy, and why it matters.

The Questionnaires

  • We're asking more than just Congress to go on the record -- see our state and local questionnaires here

Get Involved

  • Take action in your community to hold candidates accountable.

About the Project

  • Learn more about what we’re doing to get candidates on the record.

In Your State

We’ve sent the Our Democracy 2020 survey to candidates in all 50 states and 435 districts — as well as state-level surveys to the highlighted states below: